Switzerland, international center of the sports federations, allowed us over the years to position our company as an audiovisual leader in this domain. Live or redirect TV, we were able to share historic victories with thousands of viewers.  Sports gathers people, the emotion is bound in the event, the performance taken on the spot. The slightest gesture is not to be left for the account, speeded-up, in slow motion or in real time, to film sports events is a sport in itself.

Live coverage & host broadcasting

If you cannot be here, we will film in such a way, to make sure you feel as if you were here with us !

  • Film the event
  • Broadcasting
  • Broadcast Channel identity (visual and sound identity)
  • Global Creation of the TV graphics in 3D

The non-direct

There is not only the sports event which makes us dream. Behind a performance hides the athlete whom we admire.

  • Film
  • Video editing
  • Making of and behind the scenes (interview and portrait on site)
  • Conception of a video clip giving the atmosphere
  • Documentary on the athlete
  • Video New Report

On site consulting, coordination & quality control

Before, during and after a sports event, the main part lies in the logistics. Required needs, infrastructure and implementation, to film a sports event allows no risk-taking.

  • Estimate: specifications established according to your needs
  • Quality control: before, during and after the event while respecting the specifications.

Video News Release (VNR)