State company



Geneva, world center of NGOs. Historical decisions are taken every day, strategic agreements between countries are signed here, and diplomatic meetings take place all the time. The history settles down in the city of Calvin, and the unforgettable images travel worldwide.

Film – Sound – Multi Distribution (web site, YouTube, TV, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Livestream, big screen for the on-the-spot public) – Editing – Clip summarizing in a few minutes the latest news – Audio-Visual Media press kit for TV and news agencies

Official speech

It is important to capture the words which could change the world…


From a President speech to a Diplomatic meeting at the UN or the WEF Davos Conference, Socio-political global actions are important messages which need to be spread all over the world.

Audiovisual support for NGO & NPO & TEDx events

We want to change the world, we want to help the future generation, together we are stronger. Non-profit-organisations have to spread the word and share their values to their contributors.

Video campaigns : fundraising, election, retrospective

Whether it is for a humanitarian aid or to encourage people to vote, a spontaneous campaign will gain one’s trust and give hope.

  • Conception & production of a clip during a geopolitical disaster, a political action (elections, voting), a health crisis, a humanitarian donation, etc.

Parade & cortege

Greatest figures’ walk or school parade, there is no better way than a camera to follow each step.

Election, political talk show & debate

When there are no debates, there are no changes. A political message comes through the image it projects.  Electing a president or participating to a political talk show are important moments which need to be highlighted as part of History and be shared with the world.