To reveal an art form is art in itself. To film a festival, a concert, a show, a play, to organize an opening for the launch of your brand, to propose a private studio for a Gala, to create and to produce a show for the television, the recording in a professional studio, the list is long when it is a question of putting the art in light. LiveWire possesses a team of experts and craftsmen in broadcasting, a creative vision respecting the artistic codes, the state-of-the-art material so that the image and the sound are as close as the magic of the show.

Film – Sound – Multi-distribution for web sites, YouTube, TV, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Livestream, Big screen – Editing  – Studio availability (from 25m2 to 200m2)

Concert, festival & open-air

Music festivals filmed in Open Air so that the emotion of a live concert continues in its repeat broadcast.

Video clip

A product, an artist and their history. The video is the tool that allows a message to be delivered in only few minutes.

Show, theatre, one-man show

The show must go on. To film is an art and to know how to get the feeling of a show is a real know-how.

Gala, awards

To value this unique moment and to sublimate its importance through the image, let it remain engraved forever.

Showcase and opening

Launching of a new product exclusively for the press and the VIP, fortunate to being able to participate in its birth.

  • Video dress up (light, special effects, background music …)

TV Show

You have the idea of a TV program, we have the solutions for its realization.

  • Conceptualization and production
  • Outside Shooting or in the studio
  • Recording of your program in the studio
  • Channel identity (visual and sound identity)
  • Global Creation of the TV graphics in 3D

Recording studio

When music comes to life…

  • Recording in a professional studio a voice, an instrument, an orchestra or a music band
  • Full production of a record album

Heavy equipment

Because a simple camera is not enough for doing things right …

  • Crane
  • Rail camera
  • Cable camera
  • Drone
  • Gyro stabilized heads